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Alpenlofts Veterinary Hospital


Alpenlofts Veterinary Hospital prides ourselves on our team approach and compassionate services. We make it a point to treat your pet like family and provide the very best treatment available in the area. Alpenlofts Veterinary Hospital is proud to serve sea to sky corridor. We are based in Squamish, BC. We are serving large number of clients from Squamish, Whistler, Permberton, Brittania beach, Furry creek, Lions Bay, North and West Vancouver areas.

Fair Fees

We believe your cost should be fair, so we follow the CVMA’s suggested fees for veterinary services in British Columbia.

We strive to maintain an average fee with amazing service.

New Patients Welcome

We are accepting new patients, including cats (kittens) and dogs (puppies).

Our Team


Jasdeep is a graduate from prestigious Vet school at Punjab Agricultural University. He went on to do post graduation and became an Assistant Professor at the vet school for almost a decade. Growing up the Grewal family always had a love for animals and nature. He grew up with a cat named Pussy and dogs named Lucy and Misty. He visited Squamish in 2005 and fell in love with the place. He went through the licensing requirements at Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon. He gained practical hands on experience at some practices in lower mainland and finally purchased Alpenlofts Veterinary Hospital when it became available in 2008. He calls Squamish home with his banker wife Navdeep, two school-going kids Noor and Adam, a Coton De Tulear dog Maggie and two adorable cats, Simpy and Cedar.


Dr Arun is our associate Veterinarian. He graduated with honours in the same class as Dr Grewal. After graduation he took his calling and worked with all kinds of animals for 20 years. He completed his Canadian licensing requirements from Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Saskatoon. He is detail oriented and takes his job seriously. He especially enjoys solving complex medical riddles, dentistry and soft tissue surgeries. He is often seen working way past his shift.

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Order Food Online at Vetstore

Now you can enjoy the benefits of home delivery of your pet’s Veterinarian-Approved products and diets, as well as a wide range of non-prescription items. We trust you will enjoy the ease of buying products for your pets on-line and the convenience of having them delivered right to your home.