No Show Fee

Due to the extremely high volume of appointments that we are currently seeing we will be instituting a new NO-SHOW fee. We understand that unforeseen circumstances can make getting to your appointment challenging. However, we would ask that you give us a minimum of 30 minutes notice if you are not able to make your appointment. With 30 minutes notice we may be able to give your appointment to someone who we have had to turn away, OR for our staff to focus on another matter at hand, rather than waiting for someone who isn’t able to show up. In the case of a No-Show client, you will be charged a fee of $30 + tax. We will not book you in for another appointment until this fee has been settled.

This policy will come into effect as of Apr 13 2021 onwards.

We understand that times are challenging, we are doing our absolute best to be able to accommodate every single patient we can help, so help us make this possible!