COVID -19 Safety Protocols

Client Interaction Safety Protocol 

Any staff member interacting with the clients, in person, will be wearing masks and gloves without any discretion.

Any Client entering the building will have to wear the mask and respect social distancing (at least 6 ft Apart)

(A) Appointment Scheduling

Screen all clients at the time of scheduling appointments (politely inform them that if anyone in the home has tested positive for COVID, has a pending test or feels unwell the day of the appointment that we would appreciate if they reschedule).

Take brief summary of the concerns at the time of scheduling the appointment. Advise clients to call us when they are here near the front gate of the hospital at their appointment time

We will let the clients enter the hospital keeping the appropriate social distancing in place. 

(B)  Appointment

Clients will call the reception desk to let us know they have arrived.

  • Masks are mandatory to enter the building. Hand sanitizer is provided near the entrance door.
  • Client would enter the building on our approval.
  • Workstations, doorknobs and counters should be sanitized between clients (if/when clients re-enter building)
  • There should not be more than two clients at any time in the lobby area.
  • All chairs, table and weighing scale in the lobby area, should be regularly sanitized.
  • Depending upon the treatment time, clients might be politely asked to leave the lobby area (Drop offs would be preferred)

(C)  Payments

  • Plexi glass barriers are installed to minimize the spread of Covid 19.
  • Staff member must be wearing gloves to handle exchange cash or cheque. Avoid handling the cards and wipe the machine with disinfectant after the transaction Is complete.